Monthly Readings

These are audio readings, each ten to fifteen minutes long, that you pick up with your computer (either stream or download) on or after the first of every month.

In numerology our lives run in nine year cycles, each year having a particular quality or nature. In these monthly audio readings I will describe in some detail the following:

  • The particular year of that nine year cycle through which you are now moving, or, as we say in numerology, which "you are under."

  • The month you are moving into and its relationship to the specific year you are in.

  • Further shifts in the cycles of numbers which occur thoughout each month.

Fees: the readings can be purchased either individually, one month at a time, or at greatly reduced cost, for twelve months:

  • $10 for one month OR

  • $5.00 a month when you sign up for twelve consecutive months ($60).